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1001 Australian Nights

By Dave Graney

Legendary rock showman Dave Graney takes us on a journey about self-discovery. As a young man fired up by punk rock he sets off on a road-trip from small-town Australia, outside of life and looking for a way in. When he loses the map Graney discovers his groove, then twists and turns through three decades as a working artist.

When Graney takes the wheel, you don’t know where you’ll end up – or if you’ll get there safe. This ain’t no standard rock’n’roll trip; it’s an education. This is Graney up close, out there and on his game. Turn it up loud.

About the Author


‘Funny, wise, narcissistic, deluded and anarchic. Pure genius.’
– Nick Cave

‘A rare and valuable aberration.’
– Mess+Noise

‘Reads like Jack Kerouac or Hunter S Thompson minus the drugs.
– West Australian

‘All over the place and half-crazed but that’s why it’s great.’
– The Age

‘A keen, bitingly sardonic observer of the times.’
– Canberra Times

‘I am taking owning his book as a marker of cool because the book, in and of itself, is a marker of cool.
Everett True, Collapse Board