The Nowhere Child


BUY THE BOOK Buy Kindle eBook Buy other eBooks The Nowhere Child  by Christian White ‘Her name is Sammy Went. This photo was taken on her second birthday. Three days later she was gone.’ On a break between teaching photography classes in Melbourne, Kim Leamy is approached by a [...]

The Eastern Curlew


Buy the book Buy Kindle eBook Buy other eBooks The Eastern Curlew by Harry Saddler Every year around August, large flocks of Eastern Curlews leave their breeding grounds in the Arctic and embark on a perilous 10,000km journey to the coast of Australia. The birds cannot swim; if [...]

A Day at the Show


Buy the Book A Day at the Show by Gwyn Perkins Doreen the hen has laid another perfect egg! Little Iggy and Grandad think she deserves a prize. What follows is a family trip to the colourful chaos of the Show, filled with spinning tea cups, merry-go-rounds, lots of [...]

Water Colour


Buy the Book Buy Kindle eBooks Buy other eBooks Water Colour by Greg French Featuring wild and warming tales from a life spent in the natural world, Water Colour is the literary equivalent of a fishing trip with great friends. Sixteen years after the much-loved Frog Call, fly [...]

Tunnel Vision


Buy the book Buy Kindle eBook Buy other eBooks Tunnel Vision by Jimmy Thomson Chaos seems to follow Danny and Zan. After narrowly avoiding a sticky end in Los Angeles, they escape to Vietnam to help out an old army mate of Danny’s and explore a new [...]