Brewed with Balls


BUY this BOOK Brewed with Balls Introduction by Josh Uljans and Karl van Buuren from Moon Dog Craft Brewery Have you ever wondered how beer would taste if drunk from a small animal carcass? Ever wanted to add goats’ brains, beard hair, bulls’ testicles, hemp or pizza to your brew? [...]

She Sheds


Buy this book She Sheds An answer to the man cave, the ‘She Shed’ has become a global phenomenon. Whether they are reclaiming a domestic space or redoing the old garden shed, women all over the world are creating beautiful studios, reading spots or places to just get away for a [...]

Let the Elephants Run


buy this book Let the Elephants Run by David Usher ‘DREAM BIG, LET THE ELEPHANTS RUN!’ So says a sign over author David Usher’s desk. The words are a reminder for us all to hold a place in our minds for creativity, where big ideas can form and our imaginations can [...]

The Book of Uninspiring Quotes


Buy this book The Book of Uninspiring Quotes by Sunny Leunig The Book of Uninspiring Quotes parodies the idea that we can ever reach total satisfaction in life, using ironic stock photos to demonstrate the pointlessness of positive affirmation. Leunig’s collation of uninspiring quotes encourages suffering at the hands of our [...]

The Mindful Journal


Buy this book BUY THIS eBOOK The Mindful Journal by Kate James A beautiful place to collect your thoughts, set your aspirations, or release your creativity ... The Mindful Journal features suggestions and quotes from Kate James: coach, meditation teacher, speaker and author of Believe in Yourself and Do [...]

Be Mindful and Simplify Your Life


Buy this book BUY THIS eBOOK Be Mindful and Simplify Your Life by Kate James Kate James serves up 50 bite-sized tips on how to live a more mindful and stress-free life. Kate James is a coach, meditation teacher, speaker and writer. Through her business, Total Balance, she helps clients [...]

Death by Coconut


Buy this book Death by Coconut 50 things more dangerous than a shark and why you shouldn't be afraid of the ocean by Ruby Ashby Orr Illustrated by Michael Weldon Did you know you’re more likely to be hurt by a cow, a sinkhole or a champagne cork than by [...]



Buy this book Tipsy By Clare Burder Have you ever been judged for drinking chardonnay with your roast lamb? Or caught out for not knowing that gin is a type of flavoured vodka? Have you ever been publicly beer shamed? We’re a picky bunch when it comes to booze these days, [...]

It Happened on a Fishing Trip


Buy this book It Happened on a Fishing Trip Ed. by Paddy O'Reilly Fishing – we do it in ponds, creeks, great rivers, the deep sea. Some fall under the spell of the chase, some spend a lifetime trying to tie the perfect fly, some just like sitting on the pier [...]

Greatest Sporting Moustaches


Buy this book Download Book Cover Greatest Sporting Moustaches by Movember There’s no denying it: nothing says ‘sport superstar’ like a great, filthy moustache. We may not know why this connection exists – perhaps it’s the testosterone, the aerodynamics or just the plain old swagger of a bit of face fur [...]

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