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West Winging It


Pre-order the book on Booktopia Coming Soon: Pre-order the eBook COMING SOON! West Winging It by Pat Cunnane A fish-out-of-water story. Only these fish are trying to run the United States of America. West Winging It is the hilarious and charming personal story of Pat Cunnane’s journey from outsider to insider – from a mundane job at a warehouse to his dream job at the White House. Pat pulls the drapes back on the most famous, exclusive building in the United States, telling the story of the real West Wing with compelling, eccentric portraits [...]

Get Up Mum


Pre-order the book COMING SOON! Get Up Mum by Justin Heazlewood It’s 1992 in Burnie, Tasmania and 12-year-old Justin lives alone with his mum. When she is well, Mum is perfect. She knows he likes his carrots raw and his toast cooled, and she knows how to sooth his growing pains. But when she is sick she cries uncontrollably and never gets out of bed. High school is on the horizon and Justin is bursting with adolescent energy. But his mum’s mental illness hangs over him like a shadow and he feels the need to [...]

The Lost Dads Home


Pre-order the Book 26 June, 2018 RRP: $24.99 ISBN: 9781925584912 Hardback Picture Book 32 pages 181 x 111 mm For media enquiries please contact: Grace Breen Publicity and Marketing Manager T: (03) 8695 9619 E:[email protected] COMING SOON! The Lost Dads Home by Éric Veillé, illustrated by Pauline Martin When a young boy accidentally loses track of his dad, he sets out to find him at the Lost Dads Home. It is a fascinating place filled with all kinds of lost dads, most of them in fairly good condition. But will the [...]

The Singing Seal


Pre-order the Book 29 May, 2018 RRP: $14.99 ISBN: 9781925584868 Hardback Picture Book 24 pages 280 x 235mm For media enquiries please contact: Grace Breen Publicity and Marketing Manager T: (03) 8695 9619 E:[email protected] COMING SOON! The Singing Seal by Merv Lamington, illustrated by Allison Langton Meet Florence, a flamboyant fur seal who lives on the steps of the Sydney Opera House. Unlike the other seals, Florence has plans. Big plans. She’s going to be a world-famous singer. But does Florence have what it takes to become a real SEALPRANO? Based [...]

The Nowhere Child


PRE-ORDER THE BOOK COMING SOON! The Nowhere Child  by Christian White ‘Her name is Sammy Went. This photo was taken on her second birthday. Three days later she was gone.’ On a break between teaching photography classes, Kim Leamy is approached by a stranger investigating the disappearance of a little girl from her Kentucky home twenty-eight years earlier. He believes she is that girl. At first Kim brushes it off, but when she scratches the surface of her family background in Australia, questions arise that aren’t easily answered. To find the truth, she must travel [...]