Dr Elise Bialylew


Dr Elise Bialylew is an Australian doctor trained in psychiatry and mindfulness. She is a speaker and founder of Mindful in May, the world’s largest online mindfulness fundraising campaign for global poverty. Dr Elise Bialylew's Website Mindful in May Website Titles by Dr Elise Bialylew [...]

Adrian Beck


Adrian Beck is a part-time author, part-time TV producer and full-time doting dad of two girls. He once played an alien on TV, which was much more successful than the time he played a gangster or a postman. Possibly because he wore an alien mask and it did most of the acting for him. [...]

Jason Byrne


Jason Byrne is one of Ireland’s best-loved comedians and the biggest selling act at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. His sell-out shows have attracted accolades including the highly coveted Perrier Newcomer Award Nomination and the Perrier Award Nomination. Jason has performed in New York, Boston, Hong Kong, Singapore, Brussels, Milan, Paris and Australia and has appeared [...]

Stephanie Bishop-Hall


Steph works at Affirm Press as Publishing Coordinator AKA little boss, which equates to being very organised. She loves beer, especially dark ales and hefeweizens and would give anything to try the beer aged with the music of Wu Tang Clan but would probably pass on the beer brewed with whales’ testicles.  Steph’s just [...]

Susan Berg


Susan Berg never imagined she would write her memoir until she embarked on a spectacular solo journey: riding her motorbike on a round trip from Melbourne to Byron Bay. Since writing her book, Susan has established World on Wheels Motorcycle Tours, which can be visited at wowmotorcycletours.com, a motorbike touring company that encourages others [...]

Clare Burder


Now that she’s at the helm of the booze education organisation The Humble Tumbler, you could say she has one of the best jobs in existence. A healthy dose of drinking all sorts of good drinks, then researching, talking and writing about them, has put her fair and square among all the great people who [...]

Carrie Bailee


Carrie Bailee currently lives in Melbourne with her two daughters. She is a spoken-word performer, poet, blogger, advocate and motivational speaker. Carrie tells her story to honour the capacity of the human spirit to rise above trauma. Her intention in publishing her memoir, Flying on Broken Wings, is to bring awareness to the fact [...]

Colin Batrouney


Colin Batrouney is a Melbourne-based writer. He has occasionally worked in professional theatre as both an actor and director. He has never attended a creative writing course. Titles by Colin Batrouney

Emily Bitto


Emily Bitto lives in Melbourne. She has a Masters in Literary Studies and a PhD in Creative Writing from the University of Melbourne. Her writing has appeared in various publications, including Meanjin, Island, HEAT, the Age, the Saturday Paper, and The Sydney Morning Herald. The manuscript of her debut novel, The Strays was shortlisted [...]

Sam Bramham


Sam Bramham won a clutch of medals in swimming at the 2004 and 2008 Paralympics, and is currently training for the first ever Paralympic triathlon at the Rio Paralympics in 2016. Despite his reputation for mischief, he has received an Order of Australia Medal (OAM) for being an exceptional role model for Australian youth. [...]

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