Father’s Day is this Sunday 1 September, but don’t panic if you haven’t gotten a gift for Dad yet: Affirm Press may have just the ticket.

The Millionaire Castaway by Dave Glasheen with Neil Bramwell

When Dave Glasheen lost his fortune in the 1987 stock market crash he opted out of the rat race for good, casting himself away to a deserted island off the north-east tip of Australia – and has lived there ever since. Brimming with humour, eccentricity and hard-earned wisdom (not to mention his long-running feud with Boxhead the crocodile), this is the incredible story of how Dave has found happiness.

Major Thomas by Greg Growden

Opinion is still sharply divided on whether Breaker Morant and his Australian co-defendants were criminals who got what they deserved, or scapegoats used by the British Empire. Major Thomas, the bush lawyer drafted in at the last minute to defend them, is invariably depicted as either a hero or an incompetent fool. Now, for the first time, Greg Growden attempts to unravel the truth about the lawyer and soldier who returned from South Africa a broken man.

Mad Dogs and Thunderbolts by Ben Pobjie

Ned Kelly’s tin helmet looms large over Australia’s bushranging past, but what about all the unsung outlaws of the Australian bush? Ben Pobjie celebrates the derring-do and revolutionary passion of all the wild colonial boys and girls who raided our towns and stole our hearts, all while wearing sensible headgear.

Border’s Battlers by Michael Sexton

It’s the 1986 tour of India, and Australian cricket is reeling from the loss of key players to retirement and rebel tours. Few give Australia a chance against a surging India, and even Allan Border doubts his ability to lead this team. What follows is one of the most titanic struggles in cricket history. Michael Sexton details the momentous occasion when Australia drew a line in the dust of Madras, and drew inspiration from the fight.

There’s Only One Dad Like You by Jess Racklyeft

Wise dads, caring dads, daring dads, creative dads – each dad brings their own sense of fun. This heartfelt and joyful picture book from the talented author-illustrator Jess Racklyeft (creator of There’s Only One Mum Like You) is the perfect way for little ones to show what Dad means to them.