Following the huge success of Bedtime Sorted! by Jimmy Rees and Briony Stewart, Affirm Press is delighted to announce that a second book in the series, Dinner Sorted!, will be published in March 2022.

Bedtime Sorted! debuted as the number one picture book in Australia and number three title overall, according to Nielsen BookScan.

Having spent a decade on the ABC’s flagship children’s program Giggle and Hoot as Jimmy Giggle, Jimmy Rees has become a household name synonymous with having fun, feeling good and showing family life as he experiences it. A regular on Australian television, Jimmy’s affable charm and spectacular wit has seen him become a multi-generational favourite. His hilarious videos parodying Australia’s response to the pandemic have kept Australians laughing throughout lockdowns, making him one of the most-watched social media personalities of 2021.

Bedtime Sorted!, Jimmy’s debut picture book, riffs off one of his most popular parenting videos about the bedtime excuses that families everywhere will know all too well.

Collaborator Briony Stewart’s vibrant illustrations brilliantly amplify the laugh-out-loud humour of the book, with plenty of funny Easter eggs for parents hidden throughout (for example, fans of Jimmy’s Instagram Stories will be pleased to finally learn where all his spoons have gone …).

Kids publisher Tash Besliev said: ‘The combination of Jimmy’s innate ability to hold up a mirror to society and Briony’s talent at balancing humour and heart in her illustrations has delivered an unlikely new family unit that so many Australians will relate to. After seeing the battle of wills at bedtime in Bedtime Sorted!, beaver Dad, duck Mum and their platypus children are back again in Dinner Sorted! where we meet them on another familiar familial battleground: the fight to get the kids to EAT their food at dinner! I’m sure everyone will see something of themselves in this latest story.’

Jimmy Rees