Affirm Press has pledged to support worker participation in the global climate strike on Friday 20 September, three days before the UN Climate Action Summit.

Staff are looking forward to marching alongside other publishing houses and booksellers at the Naarm (Melbourne) climate change protest. It’s especially impressive that so many bookstores are joining the strike given that closing up shop is a much bigger undertaking than shutting down an office.

Readings managing director Mark Rubbo said he was spurred to action by reading Alice Robinson’s recent cli-fi novel The Glad Shout, which is set in a climate change-ravaged Australia. ‘I was so moved that I thought Readings should help pressure the government to take a more proactive stand on tackling climate change,’ said Rubbo.

Affirm Press Publishing Director Martin Hughes said, ‘Most of our staff took time off to attend a recent climate rally (where we met Andy Griffiths in the throng and, in my excitement, I mistakenly chanted “What do we want? Climate change! When do we want it?” – oops).

‘But this time we are very happy to formally sign up to the pledge for this international day of climate change action and contribute to what we hope will become unstoppable momentum for change, propelled by businesses and people pulling together (and singing the right chants).’

Millions of school children globally are calling on adults to join them in the streets and send a message to governments that now is the time for urgent and meaningful climate action. Affirm Press is one of over 1700 Australian businesses that have committed to the ‘This is not business as usual’ movement, including plenty of book industry organisations across Australia.

For more information on the global climate strike, visit and