We are delighted to have acquired World rights to Life Lessons for Little Ones, a new picture book series written by bestselling author Jess Sanders.

Aimed at under-tens, the series will cover a diverse range of important life lessons that every young person, and their grown-ups, deserves to hear. With themes of self-kindness, self-confidence, empathy, body autonomy, gender equality, self-expression, courage, social justice and resilience, among others, Life Lessons for Little Ones will help children to understand and develop compassion for themselves and others.

Jess Sanders is an author and social worker. A respected and trusted young Australian voice, she has a passion for creating books that nurture positive mental health and promote gender equality. Every project she pursues is born from the question, ‘Why does it have to be this way?’ Her first book, the ground-breaking and bestselling Love Your Body, was born from Jess’s refusal to accept that every girl is destined to grow up disliking her body. Jess has since published Me Time: a self-care guide to being your own best friend and the follow-up to Love Your Body for boys, Be Your Own Man.

The first book in her new series, Life Lessons for Little Ones: You Are Enough, has been created to help children (and the grown-ups who care for them) find unconditional love and acceptance within themselves.

Jess said, ‘I’m thrilled to be working with Affirm Press and to once again be partnering with the amazing Tash Besliev. I feel very privileged to have a vehicle to house all the foundational life lessons that I believe every young person deserves to hear. You Are Enough, like all my books, comes from a place of wanting to share the messages I wish I’d heard as a child, and in some ways that I still need to hear today. I hope the messages in this book will echo in the minds of young people as they grow and navigate the complex world around them.’

‘Working with Jess again is an honour,’ said Tash, Affirm Press Kids Publisher. ‘She guides kids and their grown-ups through big topics in a way that is so accessible, and her tone is so kind and encouraging, which is to say, authentically Jess Sanders!’

Life Lessons for Little Ones: You Are Enough will be published in August 2022 and is illustrated by Ocean Hughes.

Jess Sanders