In a year that has brought challenges to many, Suzanne Stevenson embarked on a personal project of photographing neighbourhood dogs on their front steps during lockdown. Here, we meet some of the furry friends who feature in her new beautiful book Dogs on Doorsteps.


Benson the bulldog looks more like a wombat than a dog. He can be emotional and needy, but is extraordinarily loyal and loving. Even if he was by the open log fire, meaty bone in his drooly mouth and getting a belly rub, he would still look unhappy. Don’t be fooled by his poker face – he is still jumping for joy on the inside.


Coco the Pomeranian supermodel loves to keep trim with intermittent fasting and sprinting in the park. She also enjoys waking Mummy every morning by sitting perched on her chest, waiting intently for a sign of life and then prompting with a little lick on the face or prod of the paw.


Elvi Dog was once unwanted, now adored. It’s funny how the kids said they’d pick up after her but much prefer cuddles on the lounge. Funny how the adults insisted they’d be strict but have morphed into besotted stage parents. Funny how a Staffy pup can stage a coup so effective, using only big brown eyes and doggy kisses. Bravo, Elvi.


Daisy the chocolate Labrador. Wasn’t allowed on the sofa because rules are rules, but her determination, sweet face and cuddles wore everyone down in weeks. She is now a ‘big girl’ who thinks she’s a lapdog.


Alby the Aussie Shepherd.  A fun-loving, handsome ball-stealer who is so clever – he makes everyone think they’re his favourite.

Apple & Mango

No need for a vacuum with Apple in the house. Her favourite place is under the dinner table searching for crumbs. Mango loves to steal the kids’ beanbag and sneaks on to beds for an afternoon nap. Favourite words: BRUSH TURKEY!