We are thrilled to announce that Alice Robinson has signed with Affirm Press for two new novels, following on from the success of her 2015 debut Anchor Point and 2019 follow-up The Glad Shout.

Alice Robinson’s fiction, essays and reviews have been published widely in literary journals. In 2016 her debut novel, Anchor Point, was longlisted for the Stella Prize and the Indie Book Awards (debut fiction) and in 2019 her novel The Glad Shout won the Readings Prize for New Australian Fiction and was shortlisted for an Aurealis Award. In 2020 The Glad Shout was also shortlisted for a Colin Roderick Literary Award.

Both novels are concerned with the effects of climate change and the world that our children will inherit, with Anchor Point’s characters contending with droughts and bushfires, while Isobel and her family in The Glad Shout face the aftermath of catastrophic floods in Melbourne. Though fictional, these narratives are informed by Alice’s thorough research into climate science and some of the scenes in these novels have become frighteningly familiar in the years since their publication. But Alice’s writing is also filled with love, life and hope for the future.

Her next novel, titled Blueshifts, is a work of literary/speculative fiction that is set one hundred years into the future, and in our present time. When Esther is revived in an underground cryonics facility outside Melbourne, she must grapple with the fact that while she is alive, everything she has known and loved are long in the past. As Esther grieves for her children, she must reckon with the life choices that have led her to this place; with the state of the world outside; and with the facility’s only other inhabitant, her granddaughter, Grace.

‘The enthusiasm and commitment Affirm Press has shown me is so precious,’ said Alice. ‘It has given me such faith not only in my own work, but also in the fundamentally supportive and nurturing capacities of our industry. I am so proud to be an Affirm Press writer.’

Martin Hughes said, ‘We love working with Alice; she is a writer of immense talent, vision and integrity. We’re pleased and excited to be her long-term publishing partner in what we believe will be a very significant publishing career.’

Blueshifts will be published in September 2023.