The Affirm Press team has unanimously voted to not observe the public holiday on 26 January in support of changing the Australia Day holiday to a more inclusive date for Australia’s First Peoples. Instead of the 26th they will select another day in summer for a replacement holiday.

Publishing Director Martin Hughes said, ‘We have been moved by local councils and other institutions deciding to boycott the date, and we would like to support their push in whatever little way we can. We are a small company with just 11 staff so it’s easy enough for us to make this change and I understand the same decision would be a greater challenge for a large company. But as an industry, we should be joining the public conversation and giving our staff a chance to express their wishes on something of such national significance. I’m also thinking that productivity will rocket that day, and everyone will get in early because there’ll be no traffic!’

‘I’ll be voting for 13 Feb as an alternative date, as it commemorates the government’s apology to the Stolen Generation. We have not kicked on since that momentous occasion ten years ago but, when history reflects on this century, that date could still mark the birth of what will hopefully become a new and inclusive Australian identity.’