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Affirm Press welcomes submissions from both authors and agents.

We look at all genres as long as the book aligns with our ethos.
For non-fiction, we are interested in most subjects that have a market, BUT, you’ll need to make a compelling case for why your book would have a positive impact and how it would influence by delight.

For fiction, we’re interested in new and under-published authors, and building long-term creative relationships. We like to think we distinguish ourselves through editorial commitment to authors. We will consider both literary and genre fiction.

Affirm Press is currently not accepting unsolicited submissions for the Kids List (this includes YA fiction).

Maximum one submission per author please.

Please allow a minimum of twelve weeks for a response.

Guidelines are as follows:

Send your submissions to: [email protected].

Via email, please include:

  • A short synopsis of the manuscript, plus, if your submission is non-fiction, a short chapter-by-chapter outline.
  • The first three chapters of your manuscript attached as a Word file (don’t send the whole thing unless we specifically request it).
  • An author bio and past publishing credits, if any.
  • Let us know why you think you’d be a good fit with Affirm Press.

We only accept email submissions. If you’re punching out your masterpiece on the typewriter, sorry, you’ll have to scan it. It’s the future.

Please follow our guidelines accurately.

Resist the temptation to call because we’ll only discuss submissions by email and never over the phone.