Sixty Secrets for a Happy Bride

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Sixty Secrets for a Happy Bride

by Alex Miles

Once upon a time, a mysterious someone walked into a girl’s life. After apologising for their clumsiness, they discovered a shared love for the important things – like trawling YouTube for cat videos. The question was popped, and the reply was a big whopping YES! It’s a familiar tale, but what the storybooks don’t reveal are the headaches and heartaches that usually ensue.

So for all the lovers out there – the stressers, the don’t-know-where-to-starters, or the-I’m-going-to-vomit-if-I-read-another-blog-about-DIY-mason-jar-ers – here are 60 secrets to help you get organised and stay sane on the way to getting hitched. They are the nuggets of wisdom I’ve learnt along the way … or wish I’d been told before we got started.

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