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By Leah Swann

Are we slaves to destiny or architects of our own fate?Bearings is about challenging the course of our lives as well as keeping a foothold during unpredictable times.

In this affecting novella and collection of stories, Leah Swann burrows deep into the souls of her characters to reveal universal complexities, frailties and strengths. From searching for love to coping with grief, Bearingsprovides a map of the human condition, deftly drawn by an exciting new Australian talent with a sharp eye for instinctive behaviours and emotional truths.

About the Author


‘I don’t know where Affirm Press is finding its new fiction writers but this is the second time in months that I’ve been amazed by the quality of a debut short-story collection.’ Pick of the Week, Sydney Morning Herald

‘I was moved by these stories. Leah Swann is a fine stylist. The novella is masterly.’ Amanda Lohrey

‘Swann’s simpler stories…have lived on more richly, for me, beyond the final page.’ Weekend Australian

‘The novella … is especially memorable. This small book has big heart.’ Canberra Times

‘Heartbreaking, honest, but ultimately hopeful, you may lose yourself in Swann’s engaging reality.’ Readings Monthly

Shortlisted for the Dobbie Award in 2012