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Bag Yogi Alice Williams

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Bad Yogi

by Alice Williams

‘No matter how much I’d like to be a yoga glamazon, they are not my tribe. My tribe are aqua crew-cut goddesses who smell like samosas. My tribe are neurotic corporate banshees with white knuckles on Goldman Sachs water bottles. My tribe are seven different lineages that all lead to the same destination.’

When Alice Williams gets ‘phased out’ of her dream job, all the demons she usually silences with food start to get too loud to ignore. Unemployed and depressed, she makes the ultimate middle-class, white-girl life change: she signs up to become a yoga teacher.

Bad Yogi is the ‘healing’ memoir for people who hate healing memoirs, a delightful peek at the life-changing truth that lies behind all the gurus and jargon.


‘Funny, aching, honest and true. This book so damn good.’ Kate Holden

‘A funny and compellingly honest memoir… Witty, raw, and profound.’ Better Reading

About the Author

27 December 2018
RRP: $29.99
ISBN: 9781925712605
Paperback, 288 pages
234 x 153mm

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