West Winging It


Pre-order the book on Booktopia Coming Soon: Pre-order the eBook COMING SOON! West Winging It by Pat Cunnane A fish-out-of-water story. Only these fish are trying to run the United States of America. West Winging It is the hilarious and charming personal story of Pat Cunnane’s journey from outsider [...]

The Eastern Curlew


Pre-order the book COMING SOON! The Eastern Curlew by Harry Saddler Every year around August, large flocks of Eastern Curlews leave their breeding grounds in the Arctic and embark on a perilous 10,000km journey to the coast of Australia. The birds cannot swim; if they become exhausted and fall into [...]

More Funny More Money


Buy the Book More Funny More Money by Marty Wilson In business, you can’t afford to be forgettable. And the quickest way to connect with an audience is by having a laugh. The world’s greatest influencers know the power of a well-timed joke, and research shows that people who [...]

Get Up Mum


Pre-order the book COMING SOON! Get Up Mum by Justin Heazlewood It’s 1992 in Burnie, Tasmania and 12-year-old Justin lives alone with his mum. When she is well, Mum is perfect. She knows he likes his carrots raw and his toast cooled, and she knows how to sooth his growing [...]

The Crappiest Refugee


BUY THE BOOK Buy Kindle eBook The Crappiest Refugee by Hung Lee On the last day of the Vietnam War, nine-year-old Hung jumped on a leaking prawn trawler on the Saigon River, somehow cheating death to become one of the first Vietnamese boat people to arrive Australia, a land [...]

Sophie’s Boys


BUY THE BOOK Buy Kindle eBook April 10, 2018 RRP: $32.99 ISBN: 9781925712131 Paperback 234 x 153 mm Memoir For media enquiries please contact: Grace Breen Publicity and Marketing Manager T: (03) 8695 9619 E:[email protected] Sophie's Boys by Sophie Smith and Deborah FitzGerald When Sophie [...]

The Happiness Plan


Buy the book Buy the Kindle eBook Buy other eBooks The Happiness Plan by Dr Elise Bialylew What if you could train your brain to experience greater happiness, focus, and emotional balance in daily life?  What if it took just ten minutes a day? In The Happiness Plan, [...]

One Italian Summer | New Edition


Buy the book One Italian Summer | New Edition by Pip Williams Pip and Shannon dreamed of living the good life. They wanted to slow down, grow their own food, and spend more time with the people they love. But jobs and responsibilities got in the way: their chooks [...]

Kevin Sheedy: The illustrated autobiography


Buy the book Kevin Sheedy: The illustrated autobiography by Kevin Sheedy Kevin Sheedy is the biggest figure in Australia’s biggest sport, and has played and coached more games than anyone else in the history of Australian rules. This illustrated autobiography comes on the 50th anniversary of his first senior [...]



Buy the book Buy Kindle Book Buy other ebooks Tanked by Eamon Evans Vikings were on mushrooms. Booze may have cost us Gallipoli. The Nazis loved meth, and the Stone Age was more like the ‘stoned age’. We tend to see the past as a dull, sober place – as [...]

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