Deadly Kerfuffle


BUY THE BOOK BUY KINDLE EBOOK BUY OTHER EBOOKS Deadly Kerfuffle by Tony Martin ‘They’re different, that’s for sure. And I wouldn’t put anything past ’em.’ It’s 2006, and terror scaremongering in the media has rattled the residents of sleepy, suburban Dunlop Crescent. When a Maori [...]

The Sari of Surya Vilas


Buy THE BOOK BUY THE EBOOK The Sari of Surya Vilas by Vayu Naidu In 1909, Allarmelu is nine years old and living a privileged, sheltered existence in Surya Vilas, her family home in the rich, lush environs of Madras in colonial South India. When her mother [...]

The Hunting Dogs


BUY THE BOOK BUY THE EBOOK The Hunting Dogs by Jorn Lier Horst Seventeen years ago, William Wisting led the investigation into one of Norway’s most widely publicised criminal cases, when the young Cecilia Linde was killed. Now it is discovered that evidence was planted and the wrong man convicted. Wisting [...]

If We Were Villains


BUY THE BOOK BUY THE EBOOK If We Were Villains by M. L. Rio 'Enter the players. There were seven of us then, seven bright young things with wide precious futures ahead of us. Until that year, we saw no further than the books in front of our faces.' On the day [...]

Dear Reader


BUY THE BOOK BUY THE EBOOK Dear Reader by Mary O'Connell For Flannery Fields, the only respite from the mean girls at school is Miss Sweeney’s English class. But when Miss Sweeney doesn’t show up to teach her favourite book, Wuthering Heights, Flannery knows something is wrong. When the police are called, [...]

Reconciliation for the Dead


BUY THE BOOK BUY THE EBOOK May 2017 RRP: $19.99 ISBN: 9781925475425 Paperback 128 mm x 198 mm Thriller For media enquiries please contact: Grace Breen Publicity and Marketing Manager T: (03) 8695 9619 E:[email protected] Reconciliation for the Dead by Paul Hardisty Fresh from events in Yemen and [...]

The Romance Reader’s Guide to Life


Buy the BOOK Buy the EBOOK The Romance Reader's Guide to Life by Sharon Pywell A haunting, darkly funny and wildly original tale of love and sisterhood, The Romance Reader's Guide to Life weaves together shades of The Lovely Bones with a swashbuckling pirate tale. Growing up in the shadow of [...]

Closed for Winter


BUY THE BOOK Buy The EBOOK Closed for Winter by Jorn Lier Horst Jørn Lier Horst is one of Norway’s most successful crime writers, and his Willliam Wisting series has already sold one million copies worldwide. Closed for Winter is the second book translated into English in this addictive series. [...]

The Birdman’s Wife Paperback


Buy the book Buy Kindle eBook Buy other eBooks The Birdman's Wife 2018 paperback  by Melissa Ashley A woman overshadowed by history steps back into the light . . . Artist Elizabeth Gould spent her life capturing the sublime beauty of birds the world had never [...]

The Zero and The One


Buy THE BOOK The Zero and the One by Ryan Ruby A gripping and wildly original gothic twist on the classic tale of innocents abroad, the seductions of friendship and the power of dangerous ideas, The Zero and the One is impossible to put down. A shy, bookish scholarship student [...]

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