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Reconciliation for the Dead

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BUY THE BOOK BUY THE EBOOK May 2017 RRP: $19.99 ISBN: 9781925475425 Paperback 128 mm x 198 mm Thriller For media enquiries please contact: Grace Breen Publicity and Marketing Manager T: (03) 8695 9619 Reconciliation for the Dead by Paul Hardisty Fresh from events in Yemen and Cyprus, vigilante justice-seeker Claymore Straker returns to South Africa, seeking absolution for the sins of his past. Over four days, he testifies to Desmond Tutu’s newly established Truth and Reconciliation Commission, recounting the shattering events that led to his dishonourable discharge and exile, fifteen years [...]

Difficult Patient

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Preorder THe BOOK COMING SOON! Difficult Patient by Sue Currie Imagine having a life-threatening illness only for doctors to think you’re faking it. Sue Currie suffers from a strain of porphyria so rare that she was only the 18th known case in the world. In 1991, the medicine she needed had a guaranteed Fed Ex delivery date of four days from Europe. But hers took fifteen years, three months, and twenty-two days. Sue was admitted to hospital, in agony, hundreds of times, but when her disease was assessed as not serious enough to be causing that [...]

The Alien Zoo … And You!

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Preorder THe BOOK July 2017 RRP: $15.99 ISBN: 9781925475630 Paperback 190mm x 153mm Kids' Series For media enquiries please contact: Grace Breen Publicity and Marketing Manager T: (03) 8695 9619 COMING SOON! The Alien Zoo ... And You! by Adrian Beck, illustrated by Heath McKenzie ‘The sign on the enclosure wall read: GREEPERS. But perhaps it would have been more accurate if it had said: HEAPS OF GREEPERS. And maybe there should have been a second sign that said: AND THEY’RE FLYING STRAIGHT FOR YOU!’ A dead grandpa. A secret alien [...]

Dear Reader

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PREORDER THE BOOK PREORDER THE EBOOK COMING SOON! Dear Reader by Mary O'Connell For Flannery Fields, the only respite from the mean girls at school is Miss Sweeney’s English class. But when Miss Sweeney doesn’t show up to teach her favourite book, Wuthering Heights, Flannery knows something is wrong. When the police are called, Flannery surrenders everything except for Miss Sweeney’s precious dog-eared, annotated copy of Wuthering Heights. When she opens it later, it has transformed into her teacher’s real-time diary. It appears Miss Sweeney is in New York City – and she’s in trouble. So Flannery [...]

On the Wagon

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PREORDER the BOOK COMING SOON! On the Wagon by Lennox Nicholson On the Wagon is a young recovering alcoholic’s quest to find the true meaning of freedom by following the route of Jack Kerouac’s On the Road, one of the most abiding expressions of freedom in popular culture. Setting off from Australia with little more than faith in the contacts he’ll likely make at Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meetings, Lennox Nicholson finds out what it’s like to follow in the footsteps of Sal Paradise and Dean Moriarty – but sober. Along the way, he discusses ideas [...]