Pre-order the book COMING SOON! Imperfect by Lee Kofman By the time she was eleven and living in the Soviet Union, Lee Kofman had undergone several major operations on both a defective heart and injuries sustained in a bus accident. Her body harbours a constellation of disfiguring scars that have [...]

Bad Yogi


Pre-order the book COMING SOON! Bad Yogi by Alice Williams ‘No matter how much I’d like to be a yoga glamazon, they are not my tribe. My tribe are aqua crew-cut goddesses who smell like samosas. My tribe are neurotic corporate banshees with white knuckles on Goldman Sachs water bottles. [...]

Quite a Clever Quokka


Buy the Book 14 December 2018 RRP: $14.99 ISBN: 9781925712070 Hardback, 24 pages 280 x 235mm Picture Book 3-6 years For media enquiries please contact: Grace Breen Publicity and Marketing Manager T: (03) 8695 9619 E:[email protected] Quite a Clever Quokka by Merv Lamington, illustrated by Allison [...]

Little Brothers and Little Sisters


Buy the book Little Brothers and Little Sisters by Monica Arnaldo By turns humorous and moving, Little Brothers & Little Sisters explores the good, the bad, and the lovely of having – and being – a sibling. About the Author Monica Arnaldo grew up in [...]

Hidden in the Sea


Buy the Book Hidden in the Sea by Peggy Nille Put on your snorkel and get ready to dive into this vibrant and entertaining search-and-find book. Can you find the sea anemone having a bad hair day? How about the graceful jellyfish, or the kissing seahorses? Will you be able [...]

Quotes from Goats


Buy the Book Quotes from Goats by Dan Monteiro None of us can know for sure what goats are thinking, but if we consider their lifestyle and behaviour, we can easily imagine how they’d speak their truth. Inside you’ll find goats of every personality and breed with one common goal: [...]



Buy the Book Moonlight by Gemma Troy Moonlight combines Australian Instagram sensation Gemma Troy’s art and poetry. Each delicate verse is matched with a treasure that Gemma has found in nature to produce a luminous book brimming with love and creativity. Ever since she was a child out fossicking for [...]

Into the Fire


Pre-order the book COMING SOON! Into the Fire by Sonia Orchard A year after her best friend died in a house fire, Lara can’t come to terms with the loss. Logic says there was no more she could have done to save the mercurial and unhappy Alice, but Lara can’t [...]

Odd One Out


Buy the book Odd One Out Eagle-eyed puzzle lovers, are you ready for a challenging spot-the-difference adventure? Pick out the peculiar pineapple, discover the different donut and catch the clashing cactus in this fiendishly clever activity book. Filled with funny facts to keep spotters entertained along the way, Odd One [...]

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